Sony to discontinue Playstation 4

Sony Corporation have announced that they will be discontinuing the production of the Sony Playstation 4. The PS4 was released in 2013 and has been one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time, with over 112 million units sold worldwide. The PS4 was a massive leap forward for Sony in terms of hardware and software, offering players a more powerful and immersive gaming experience. The console was also a hit with developers, with hundreds of exclusive games released for the platform. The ... Continue Reading →

Blizzard announce Diablo II remaster and Diablo IV

BlizConline coincides with Blizzards’ 30th Anniversary and is spread over 2 days. Who knows what today holds but, Blizzard have made some pretty big announcements on day 1. They have confirmed that they will be remastering Diablo II for PC and consoles. They’ve also provided more details on Diablo IV, which was announced back in 2019 at BlizzCon. Diablo II was originally released way back in 2000 for Windows and Mac. Now 21 years later comes Diablo II Resurrected, Diablo II remastered ... Continue Reading →

Apple event planned for March 16th

Rumours have been circulating for a while now that Apple could release a new iPad Pro this year, as well as new AirPods and AirTags. Apple usually hold an event in March, last year they announced the 4th gen iPad Air on March 18th and now we have a speculated date for this year. Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has touted that the event is planned for 16th March 2021 which lines up with Apple’s previous events. We are expecting Apple to announce a 5th generation iPad Pro, most likely in ... Continue Reading →

Apple’s M1 Macs targeted by hackers

There is a myth that Apple computers can’t get viruses but that is all it is, a myth. While Macs are far less likely to fall victim to a virus it is still possible and it’s recommended that Mac users install an antivirus. With Apple’s latest range of MacBooks, they’ve ditched the Intel processor and have begun using their own M1 chipset. Unfortunately, hackers are already targeting this new technology. A security researcher by the name of Patrick Wardle says that there is ... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct presentation incoming today

It’s been a while since Nintendo have had a Nintendo Direct stream and they’ve unexpectedly announced one for tonight at 10pm GMT. The company uses Nintendo Direct to announce new addons to existing games and more excitingly, upcoming games. This year Nintendo has teased news for Super Smash Bros, so we can expect new characters incoming for the popular game. We will also be hearing about what new games Nintendo will be releasing this year. As well as more information on new games that ... Continue Reading →

Lastpass make changes to free accounts

Lastpass have announced today that they will soon be making changes to their free accounts. From March 16th if you have a free account on Lastpass you will only be able to use the service on one device type. This is slightly better than other app’s one device policy. What this means is if you continue to use Lastpass’ free service you can choose to use Lastpass on computers, or mobile devices. If you choose computers, you will be able to access the service on any computers you use. While ... Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 13 to have always-on display?

Some Android phones already have an always-on display but rumours suggest the Apple iPhone 13 could also get this technology. Apple have recently introduced the always-on display feature on the latest Apple Watch release, with the Series 6. With the always-on display you can see what time it is without having the turn the display on fully and can see it from just a quick glance. It’s unclear if Apple would only display the time with this feature, or if they would also include a battery status ... Continue Reading →

Nintendo add two more limited edition Switch consoles to their lineup

When Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 it came in two configurations: neon and grey. The grey version had two grey joycons, while the Neon version came with a red and a blue joycon. Since then Nintendo have released the Switch in a few other limited edition models, including a bright pink and green joycon model for Splatoon 2, two red joycons for Super Mario Odyssey and more recently an Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch with a pastel blue and green joy cons. On some of these ... Continue Reading →

Apple could still release an iPhone Mini this year

A few days back we reported that the Apple iPhone 12 mini accounted for just a mere 6% of iPhone 12 sales. As such, while Apple would continue to sell the handset they stopped production of the Mini handset. This threw into doubt if Apple would launch a mini version of the iPhone 13 later this year. A new report from Jon Prosser, however, says it’s likely that Apple will continue with the same lineup of handsets this year. It’s noted that a portion of potential iPhone 12 mini owners ... Continue Reading →

Canon releases photo culling app to find your best shots

We’ve all been there, you take multiple photos to make sure you get at least one decent one. Or you go to take one photo and accidentally hit the shutter button and end up with multiples of the same photo. With cloud storage, it means many of us aren’t going back and deleting the photos that aren’t the best and just building up a huge catalogue of photos. Going through them manually can be time consuming and repetitive. Fortunately, Canon has released an app that helps you find ... Continue Reading →