Amazon selling more than one million Kindle devices a week

For the third week in a row, Amazon have shifted more than one million kindle products each week. The numbers include their lastest e-reader Kindle, now in it’s fourth iteration, along with the Kindle Touch, Wifi and 3G models and the Kindle Fire, with the latter topping the sales charts for the past 11 weeks.

So what makes the Kindle so popular? Well, the numbers take into account the various products which appeal to a wide range of audiences. E-readers are also increasingly replacing traditional books. You can even buy Kindle covers that feature a flip case design, making the Amazon Kindle feel more like a real book, for those of us amongst us who prefer holding their Kindle like a book, rather than a tablet. You can even purchase a Kindle cover that not only gives the Kindle a feel of a real book but, also features a clip on light as the Kindle while it features brilliant E-ink technology it doesn’t have a backlight.

Along with the latest E-Ink technology which delivers crisp, clear text which reads like a book, you don’t need to access a PC to download books, which means you don’t have to have a PC or a Mac, there is no system compatibility requirement unlike other products. You do however need access to a wireless router but, this gives you access to over one million free books, as well as best sellers and latest releases. Newspapers and magazines have also jumped aboard the Kindle wagon, with newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times being available on the Kindle.

Have you contributed to the Amazon Kindle numbers? Are you hoping for one under your tree this Christmas, or have you bought a Kindle for a loved one?

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