Apple bring back iPad 4 to replace iPad 2

Apple have continued to sell the iPad 2 for a couple of years now in addition to their latest iPad model. On November 1st 2013, Apple released the fifth generation iPad in the form of the iPad Air which replaced the iPad 4 in the store. The iPad 2 despite being a couple generations older continued to be available for purchase for £329 for the 16GB Wifi version.


Today however, Apple have now removed the iPad 2 from the Apple Store and have instead brought back the iPad 4 which replaces the iPad 2 in the store. The iPad 4, aka iPad with Retina takes the pricing of the iPad 2 and is available from £329, again for the 16GB Wifi model or £100 more for the cellular version.

It is perhaps a long overdue change, as while the iPad 2 is a more than capable device, it doesn’t have the Retina Display which was introduced with the iPad 3 and it used Apple’s old 30 pin style connection. The iPad 4 however uses Apple’s latest connection, the lightning port and the resolution of the screen is doubled from 1024 x 768 to 2048 x 1536, not to mention the more powerful processor and increased RAM, among other improved specifications.

The iPad Air remains available for the same price, starting at £399 for the base model.

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