Apple event confirmed for September 10th

Apple have begun sending out their invites for their next press event and it falls on September 10th. Apple are expected to announce the next generation iPhone at the event which will most likely be called the iPhone 5S. As well as their main iPhone, there have been numerous rumors and leaks surrounding a cheaper, budget iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C. At the event, Apple are likely to announce their lower end iPhone as well.

The invite that they’ve sent out is very colorful and matches the look and colors of iOS 7 but, more importantly they also match up with the iPhone 5C colors that we’ve previously seen. Apple has hinted at the event being bright as the invite reads “This should brighten everyone’s day”. Most likely referring to the bright colors of the iPhone 5C and owning an iPhone will be a possibility to more people with a cheaper one on the horizon.

Normally Apple release products a week or two after an announcement and staff at Apple stores have been told not to take any holidays between September 15th and 28th. This is normally the case when Apple are getting ready to release something and the release is normally a few days after the start of the no holidays rule. The most likely date however for the release of the next generation of iPhones is September 23rd as Autumn officially begins September 22nd and iOS 7 is due to land in Autumn. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Apple to release the iPhone 5S and 5C with iOS 7 preloaded on the devices.

As well as the iPhone 5C launching in various colors, the iPhone 5S has been rumored to not only be released in black and white but, also a gold model being available.

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