Apple file patent for iPen stylus

There’s a plethora of styluses available for capacitive touchscreens, including the Adonit JotPro which we recently reviewed. Apple have filed a patent which suggests they’re working on a stylus for iDevices. Apple are working on at least two stylus prototypes. The first uses a haptic actuator, wireless receiver, transmitter and sensor. The technology in the first iPen stylus determines the iPen’s movement relative to the screen. The second prototype stylus uses an optical sensor, ie a camera, to track the movement and location of the stylus on the display.

The iPen was filed back in Q4 of 2010 but, today been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. While not all patents ever see the light of day, there’s a good chance we could see an Apple iPen stylus in the near future.

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