Apple iPhone 13 to have always-on display?

Some Android phones already have an always-on display but rumours suggest the Apple iPhone 13 could also get this technology. Apple have recently introduced the always-on display feature on the latest Apple Watch release, with the Series 6. With the always-on display you can see what time it is without having the turn the display on fully and can see it from just a quick glance.

It’s unclear if Apple would only display the time with this feature, or if they would also include a battery status icon. It’s also possible that the company may include a symbol on the always-on display to indicate if the user has any notifications. What is also unclear right now is it Apple will include this in the full iPhone 13 line up, or if we’ll only see it on the Pro handsets. Is this a welcome feature that you’ve been waiting for? I know I often tap the screen to find out the time when my iPhone is on my desk.

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