Apple open 300th store and largest yet

Apple have today opened their largest store yet and it also marks the 300th store world wide for Apple. The latest store has been opened in Covent Garden, London. London also previously held the title of having the largest Apple store, with the store at Regent Street, which so far, has been the busiest store world wide as well.

Not only does this mark the 300th store world wide, it is also the 28th store for the UK and the 4th for London. Apple have also employed 300 workers for the opening. The first customer arrived a full 24 hours early, at 10am Friday 6th August and came all the way from Pittsburgh for the opening.

The building used, is a Grade II listed building and has been restore using English Oak and York stone. The building also has glass staircases and a large skylight. You can view a video of inside the building after the jump.

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