Apple send out invites for September 12th event

Apple have began sending out invites for their latest event. At the event, Apple are expected to announce the next generation iPhone, aka iPhone 5. The event invite says “It’s almost here” and has a shadowed ‘5’ underneath. There are rumors however, that Apple could do what they did with the third generation iPad. Instead of calling their next iPhone the iPhone 5 it could simply be known as the new iPhone. With the shadowed number 5 on the invites this seems increasingly unlikely.

The event is due to take place in San Franciso on Wednesday 12th September and will start at 10am PST. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 are expected to begin as early as September 14th with the actual release of the smartphone dubbed to be Friday September 21st.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to feature a similar design to the iPhone 4/4S but, instead of a 3.5 inch display, will feature a 4″ display. It’s also rumored that the iPhone 5 will feature LTE/4G technology like the third generation iPad, making it the first iPhone to support these technologies.

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