Apple to send out press event invites for iPad Mini announcement?

Pretty much ever since the original iPad was released there have been numerous rumors surrounding the arrival of an miniature iPad and this year has been filled with the most rumors. Initially Apple were rumored to announce the iPad 3 and iPad Mini back in March but, that never happened. There was then speculation that Apple would announce the iPad Mini along with the iPhone 5. Again this never happened. New rumors are now going around suggesting that Apple will be sending out press event invitations from October 10th.

The actual event is rumored to take place on October 17th where Apple will announce the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is said to feature a 7.85 inch display and is set to take on the 7 inch tablet market to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. If Apple do announce a smaller iPad, would you buy it or do you prefer the size of the current iPad?

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