Apple Watch owners will be able to unlock iPhone with iOS 14.5

We recently found out that Apple could be including built in-screen Touch ID technology with their next iPhone. Which will be great for when owners are wearing a mask due to covid restrictions. In the meantime, the iOS software detects if you’re wearing a mask and promos users for their passcode instead. In iOS 14.5 Apple will be adding a new feature that allows unlocking to be even quicker and simpler.

The beta version of iOS 14.5 has just been released, with the public version coming soon. The new much-needed feature will detect if a user is wearing a facemask and if they are, do a partial face scan and unlock the iPhone as long as they are also wearing an Apple Watch on their wrist which is also unlocked.

Unfortunately, Apple has only enabled this feature for unlocking the iPhone. Purchases via the App Store and more crucially Apple Pay will still require a passcode if the user is wearing a face mask. This feature will also be disabled by default and will have to be enabled manually by the user. Hopefully, this will make using the iPhone in public easier again, while we await their next technology update in the iPhone 13.

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