Apple’s 2021 iPhone could bring Touch ID back

FaceID was working pretty well on Apple’s iPhones and despite the notch on the front of the handsets, many had come to prefer the unlocking technology over the older Touch ID method. 2020 threw a spanner in the works though. Covid-19 came along and facemasks became mandatory in many countries to prevent the spread. Apple released an update to the software whereby if the front-facing camera detected you were wearing a mask it would ask for your passcode immediately.

For many though this was still an inconvenience and hopped Apple would re-introduce Touch ID with the iPhone 12 handsets but, as we know this didn’t happen. It’s reported that Apple will however, be bringing back Touch ID technology in its 2021 handset.

There’s debate over whether it will be named the iPhone 12S or iPhone 13 but either way rumours suggest that Apple will implement an in-screen Touch ID sensor. Similar to what is found on several Android handsets already. As well as in-screen Touch ID it’s rumoured that Apple will be using a new front-facing camera which means the notch will finally be smaller and less obvious.

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