Apple’s M1 Macs targeted by hackers

There is a myth that Apple computers can’t get viruses but that is all it is, a myth. While Macs are far less likely to fall victim to a virus it is still possible and it’s recommended that Mac users install an antivirus. With Apple’s latest range of MacBooks, they’ve ditched the Intel processor and have begun using their own M1 chipset. Unfortunately, hackers are already targeting this new technology.

A security researcher by the name of Patrick Wardle says that there is a malicious app that has been created specifically for the M1 chip. A Safari adware extension by the name of GoSearch22 was initially designed for Intel X86 processors but has been updated to specifically target the M1 variant. The new M1 Macs can run X86 apps and antivirus picks up the X86 version of GoSearch22 as being malware but 15% of the antivirus software tested did not detect the M1 variant as malicious.


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