Athena returns with Style PC netbooks and matching bag

Back last year, Athena created a unique line of “Art PC” netbooks. On the lids came a various designs, that were part of the lid, instead of being a decal or skin. Athena has returned again this year with eight more designs. This new line of 10 inch netbooks with designed lids, are part of the Style PC line. Each netbook design comes with a matching bag, named the Style Bag.

The eight various designs vary from sketch illustrations to abstract designs. As well as the 10 inch display, the netbook will come with an Intel processor but, it’s unknown what kind at the moment, 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive and weigh under 3.5 lbs. The Style PC netbooks and Style Bags are due to launch August 23rd and will retail for $599.


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