Belkin Snap Folio Note 2 case reviewed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be just around the corner but, I’m still loving my almost year old Galaxy Note 2 and have pretty much had the same case since I first got it, the Momax Core case which I reviewed last year. I’ve now had the chance to review the Belkin Snap Folio case for the Note 2, a case that I was also looking at when I received the Momax case. Both cases are quite similar in that the phone sits in the back part of the case and the case covers the screen. Similarly the front bit of the case acts as a stand.

The first difference I notice between the two cases is that the section where the phone sits in the Belkin case is made of plastic. Something I’ve been dubious of due to past experiences where cheap cases with plastic backs, like this case has, have scratched my phone. I’m happy to say though that this isn’t something I’ve experienced with the Belkin case while using it, the Note 2 fits into the plastic holder on the case much better, more snuggly, than cheaper similar cases so there’s less chance of any bits of grit slipping in between the back of the phone and the case. The front of the Belkin case however offers – in my opinion – more protection than the Momax case. The inside flap that lies against the Note 2’s screen is a microfiber material, while the outside feels slightly harder than my previous case and feels like it would offer a bit more protection if something did hit it.

To keep the front and back sections of the case closed together, Belkin have used a snap button which sits at the back of the case so there’s no pressure on the screen when clipping it shut. Again, this is something I worry about with cheaper cases with a similar design. It also isn’t as fiddly to open and shut quickly as I expected either, although if in a hurry to answer the phone it can hinder answering the phone a tiny bit. The phone looks very smart in the Belkin case and instead of looking like a case for phone, it looks more like a tablet case, partly due to the size of the Galaxy Note 2, this isn’t a bad thing though.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the Belkin Snap Folio case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it hasn’t added much bulk to the phone and it feels nice to hold. There’s only really two small negatives about it, if you could even call them that. Like I said, unclipping the button popper isn’t as fiddly as I imagined it would be but, if you are in a hurry it is still can be slightly inconvenient. Secondly, the microfiber covering inside the case flap tends to leave a fair amount of dust on the screen when you open the case up so I always wipe the screen. This isn’t a huge issue but, it is worth mentioning. All the buttons are easily accessed and the S-Pen is easy to remove while using this case.

The Belkin Snap Folio case is available to buy for £29.99 from Mobile Fun.

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