Blood Oxygen monitor could be coming to Xiaomi Mi Band 6

We’ve recently learned that Apple’s latest Apple Watch could help detect whether the wearer has Covid-19 thanks to its Blood Oxygen monitor. This is a new feature that Apple added to it’s Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatches.

It’s not the only smartwatch that has this feature, several of the Garmin fitness watches include this feature, as well as the Fitbit Sense among others. However, it may soon be coming to one of the cheapest smartwatches available. It is rumoured that Xiaomi could include a blood oxygen monitor with it’s Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are quite basic smartwatches that track your steps and other health and fitness measurements while maintaining a low price. So news that it the next model could include a blood oxygen monitor, which has been described as life-saving by some due to the coronavirus pandemic is excellent news.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on when Xiaomi will release the next Mi Band but, based on previous releases we could see it hit shelves in July.

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