Budget iPhone 5C colored shells shown off in video

There are several rumors floating around suggesting that as well as announcing the next generation iPhone which is likely to be dubbed the iPhone 5S, Apple will also be releasing a budget version of the iPhone which has taken the name iPhone 5C. Instead of the usual black or white options, the iPhone 5C will be, according to rumors, available in a variety of colors, much like the latest iPod Touch range.

A video has appeared online which shows off the casing shells of the iPhone 5C in it’s various bright colors. In the video we see the budget iPhone in blue, red, green, yellow and white. It’s also very likely that Apple will also release the iPhone 5C in black for those who prefer the classic black look.

While I tend to stick to black (or grey or dark blue in the case of the Note 2 and S3 respectively) phones, I could be very tempted by the blue iPhone 5C.

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