Case Logic SLRC-201 Digital Camera bag review

Many camera cases don’t accommodate for a DSLR set up with a zoom lens attached. There are so many cases that give ample room and protection for a camera and a lens to be stored separately, some camera bags even allow for multiple camera bodies and several lenses however, as fantastic as these cases are for carrying and storing camera equipment, sometimes it is more convenient to simply have the camera and lens set up ready for action and so we set out to find a decent camera case that would allow us to do that whilst sporting a superzoom lens on our DSLR. We found a suitable case and decided it was good enough to write a review of.

We’ve previously reviewed the Case-Logic SLRC-205. This case was good enough for carrying multiple accessories and was big enough to carry a DSLR camera set up with a smaller, ie 18-55mm zoom lens but, was also found to be a little bulky to use in the long run. The Case Logic suspension system impressed us greatly on this case and so it isn’t a huge surprise that we went straight to a Case Logic case this time around and after hearing that the  SLRC-201 gave a little extra room than similar cases and was actually deemed as a zoom lens DSLR case, we jumped at the chance of trying it out.

First impressions of this case are that it is substantially built using quality materials. The outer material of the case is nylon which should withstand the occasional downpour of rain. The bottom of the case is constructed of a solid moulded Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which not only allows the case to stand upright but will also protect the case and its contents from damp on the ground if placed in a wet area.

Internally, the case is not only padded all round but also has a memory foam zipped top which is designed to protect the LCD screen when the DSLR camera is inside the case. The superb Case Logic suspension system is included within this case also which allows the camera to be suspended within the case, fully set up with lens attached and ready for action. Unlike other camera cases that we’ve come across, this case does actually allow the camera to be suspended in this ‘sling’ system with a super zoom lens attached. Many similar cases are too ‘short’ to allow this however, the Case Logic SLR Camera Holster Bag SLRC-201 gives ample room to not only store a DSLR with super zoom lens (we used a Canon 600d with an 18-250mm lens) attached but there is enough space to use the suspension system with such a lens too.

The case isn’t overly endowed with pockets for accessories, it is really more of an ‘on the go’ case rather than a store-all bag but, the SLRC-201 does have 2 side pockets which are zipped and can hold spare batteries or perhaps cables. These pockets aren’t large enough to carry spare lenses or an external flash however. There is also a front pocket which is slightly bigger but again, not large enough to carry bigger accessories. There is certainly enough storage to carry a spare battery or two and memory cards, essentials that you may need whilst out and about. This case also comes with a decent quality strap with shoulder padding and also features a padded carry handle.

CONCLUSION: For on the go use with any sized lens attached to a DSLR, this case is a joy to use. The suspension system is pure genius and makes use practical and enjoyable. For those users that wish to carry a camera set up with a longer lens (obviously over a certain length this won’t apply), this case is one of a few we found that could do that. We wish it was a little bigger with room for a spare lens or a flash but, that really isn’t what this case is about and at this price range, we weren’t overly disappointed with the extra storage options.

Basically, we recommend this case highly for price, build quality and build features.

The Case Logic SLR Camera with Zoom Lens Holster Bag SLRC-201 is available to purchase from LoveCases at a price of £28.99.

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