Apple event planned for March 16th

Rumours have been circulating for a while now that Apple could release a new iPad Pro this year, as well as new AirPods and AirTags. Apple usually hold an event in March, last year they announced the 4th gen iPad Air on March 18th and now we have a speculated date for this year. Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has touted that the event is planned for 16th March 2021 which lines up with Apple’s previous events. We are expecting Apple to announce a 5th generation iPad Pro, most likely in ... Continue Reading →

Apple’s M1 Macs targeted by hackers

There is a myth that Apple computers can’t get viruses but that is all it is, a myth. While Macs are far less likely to fall victim to a virus it is still possible and it’s recommended that Mac users install an antivirus. With Apple’s latest range of MacBooks, they’ve ditched the Intel processor and have begun using their own M1 chipset. Unfortunately, hackers are already targeting this new technology. A security researcher by the name of Patrick Wardle says that there is ... Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 13 to have always-on display?

Some Android phones already have an always-on display but rumours suggest the Apple iPhone 13 could also get this technology. Apple have recently introduced the always-on display feature on the latest Apple Watch release, with the Series 6. With the always-on display you can see what time it is without having the turn the display on fully and can see it from just a quick glance. It’s unclear if Apple would only display the time with this feature, or if they would also include a battery status ... Continue Reading →

Apple could still release an iPhone Mini this year

A few days back we reported that the Apple iPhone 12 mini accounted for just a mere 6% of iPhone 12 sales. As such, while Apple would continue to sell the handset they stopped production of the Mini handset. This threw into doubt if Apple would launch a mini version of the iPhone 13 later this year. A new report from Jon Prosser, however, says it’s likely that Apple will continue with the same lineup of handsets this year. It’s noted that a portion of potential iPhone 12 mini owners ... Continue Reading →

Canon releases photo culling app to find your best shots

We’ve all been there, you take multiple photos to make sure you get at least one decent one. Or you go to take one photo and accidentally hit the shutter button and end up with multiples of the same photo. With cloud storage, it means many of us aren’t going back and deleting the photos that aren’t the best and just building up a huge catalogue of photos. Going through them manually can be time consuming and repetitive. Fortunately, Canon has released an app that helps you find ... Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 12 mini production may be axed

When Apple released their iPhone 12 handsets, it came in four variants. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro shared the same size profile and both feature a 6.1″ display. Apple also released a Pro Max handset like previous years but, they also introduced the iPhone 12 Mini for those who want an iOS device but prefer a small form factor. In initial reviews and feedback the iPhone 12 Mini appeared to be a great hit. Unfortunately, that didn’t carry over to sales numbers. It has had a weaker than expected ... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch owners will be able to unlock iPhone with iOS 14.5

We recently found out that Apple could be including built in-screen Touch ID technology with their next iPhone. Which will be great for when owners are wearing a mask due to covid restrictions. In the meantime, the iOS software detects if you’re wearing a mask and promos users for their passcode instead. In iOS 14.5 Apple will be adding a new feature that allows unlocking to be even quicker and simpler. The beta version of iOS 14.5 has just been released, with the public version coming soon. ... Continue Reading →

Apple’s 2021 iPhone could bring Touch ID back

FaceID was working pretty well on Apple’s iPhones and despite the notch on the front of the handsets, many had come to prefer the unlocking technology over the older Touch ID method. 2020 threw a spanner in the works though. Covid-19 came along and facemasks became mandatory in many countries to prevent the spread. Apple released an update to the software whereby if the front-facing camera detected you were wearing a mask it would ask for your passcode immediately. For many though this was ... Continue Reading →

Rumours suggest Macbooks could be redesigned and reintroduce old feature

There have been rumours circulating for a little while that when Apple reveal 2021 MacBooks that we could see a redesign. The company have recently unveiled new 13″ MacBook Pro and MacBook Air machines which have ditched the Intel processors and instead have switched over to their own Silicone M1 processor chipset. Externally however the devices kept the same classic design. That could be set to change this year. We could see Apple ditch the Touch Bar featured on their MacBook Pro line. In ... Continue Reading →

Apple issue warning over iPhone 12 and pacemakers

With Apple’s latest iPhone 12 handsets came new technology and accessories. You can fit your iPhone out with Magsafe accessories which as the name suggests include the use of magnets. As such Apple has recently updated a support document which warns against keeping the iPhone itself and any Magsafe accessories away from pacemakers, defibrillators and other implants. Pacemakers and other implants can be affected by magnets and radios but, Apple wants to make it explicitly clear that the iPhone ... Continue Reading →