CULV finds middle ground between netbook and notebook


The Eee PC 701 set the netbook craze alight. Affordable and very portable option for light web browsers and word processor users. The Eee PC came in with a 7 inch display, Linux and an 8GB SSD. The netbook became one of the most popular tech items of 2008. As time went on, the netbooks got bigger, featuring a 10 inch display and Windows operating system and larger storage options, in the form of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB hard drives. The once affordable netbook has doubled in price to $600 for higher specs, with some netbooks costing the same as notebooks with double the spec. But while demand and needs of netbooks have increased, some consumers are still not happy with netbook features and want it to be more like a notebook but with a netbook portability.

CULV is due to set the tech world alight all over again this fall. Lower end CULV PCs will start from $500 and work up to $1300, giving CULV the same price range as higher end netbook models. But the difference? CULV PCs are consumers options for something more than a netbook but more portable than a laptop. A CULV notebook will generally feature a 12-13 inch display, making it more usable than netbooks, but smaller and lighter than notebooks for around the same price.

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  1. Tony Montondo

    Apr 08. 2010

    This is awesome , I’m sure that technology will get much much better.

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  2. Lyndia Mccreight

    May 07. 2010

    Amazing! Typically I by no means read complete posts but the way you wrote this facts is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it. You have recieved very good writing expertise.

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