Deal of the Day: Sony NW-A55L down to £125

While many of us have ditched stand-alone music players in favour of our smartphones and popular music streaming services, there are also many who prefer the higher quality sound of a dedicated music player. Not to mention a stand-alone music player means your phone’s battery won’t be drained from playing music all day.

One of the stand out dedicated music players comes from Sony. A company who has seen great success with its Walkman range of devices. The Sony NW-A55L was awarded the prestigious What Hi-Fi spot of being the 2020 winner of the Award.

Sony’s 2019 Walkman was also What Hi-Fi’s budget Award winner and Sony have improved their device even more. With an RRP of £180 it is capable of playing many different file types, including DSD tracks, hi-res PCM, FLAC and WAVs. Pretty much any type of music file you could own will work.

It has 16GB of storage built-in but also accepts MicroSD cards so you can load it up full with music. To listen to your tracks if offers the option of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack but is also compatible with Bluetooth headphones or speakers. One feature it is lacking however is Wifi so you can’t use it for music streaming services. The upside of this though it battery life is a maximum of 45 hours.

Normally the Sony NW-A55L retails for £180. On occasion it can be found on offer for £160 but Amazon has an amazing deal on the Walkman right now. They are offering the Sony NW-A55L for £124.90 for a limited time, with free next day delivery for Prime Members. Unfortunately, only the black version is available for this low price. The green version remains at RRP of £180. The blue version is also reduced by a good amount down to £159.75 but, not a steal like the black model.

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