Expanscape show off 7 screen laptop

More and more of us are working from home right now and sometimes one screen just isn’t enough. There are many people who connect their laptops or computers up to two or three additional displays. Razer previously created a three display prototype laptop with two additional screens which looked amazing while keeping their signature gaming look. Unfortunately, they never brought that to market. Expanscape have gone one step further and have created a laptop with seven inbuilt displays in the form of the Aurora 7.


There are four full-sized 4K screens, one in place of where you’d normally find your laptop screen, one above it and two vertical screens either side of them. Above the two vertical screens are a further two smaller screens and interestingly the seventh screen has been built into the chassis of the laptop and is found underneath the keyboard and to the right of the trackpad.


While this is a prototype the company will be manufacturing their prototype and leasing them before they’re are finalised. “Expanscape will be manufacturing and selling and leasing our prototypes even before they are finalized as we recognize there is an immediate demand for these items in the DevOps, SecOps, CyberSecurity and Day; Stock; Commodity Trader communities.”


As well as the 7 displays, the laptop features an Intel i9 9900k 8 core processor, 64GB of RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, two M.2 SSD slots with a 1TB and 500GB drives fitted, as well as two 2.5 SATA slots, with an additional 2TB hard drive and 1TB SSD.

The four large displays measure 17.3 across with a 60Hz refresh rate. While the two smaller displays are 7″ and the last one is a 1.44″ display. We don’t expect this laptop to come cheap but Expanscape have not made the price public yet and buyers are required to sign an NDA which prevents them from revealing the price.

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