Fake iPhone 5 launcher available on Android

If you’ve got an Android smartphone and fancy sprucing it up a bit, or are maybe a bit jealous of iPhone 5 owners you can get the iPhone 5 look on your Android smartphone right now. There are many launchers already available on the Google Play Store and many iPhone-esque launchers as well. This one by the Big Byte however, is touted as the most convincing looking one yet. Some say it’s enough to fool your friends into thinking you have iOS 6 installed on your Android phone.

The Fake iPhone 5 launcher is free to download and is ad supported although discreetly. If you were to open for example iTunes which is an iOS exclusive app, you will be presented with a list of recommended apps to download and this is how the creators make their money through the Android launcher. However other icons, such as the App Store will launch the Google Play Store, Photos launches the gallery. More importantly, the Maps icon actually launches Google Maps, something that iPhone 5 owners can’t say their phone does.


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