Galaxy Note 3 could be available in three different screen sizes

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 3, one of which was regarding the screen size. There had been rumors of it being 5.7 inches, 5.99 as well as 5.5 inches. 5.7 inches seemed to be the favorite rumor and most solid but, according to Indian logistics website Zauba, the Note 3 will come in three different sizes which could explain the previous conflicting screen size rumors and leaks.

One reason for the varying sizes could be because Samsung like to offer the phone to suit as many people as possible, we’ve already seen the Samsung S4 launch in various different versions, including a waterproof model and a mini model so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Samsung did decide to do that for the Note 3. Another possible reason could be that they’ve been looking at including a flexible display on the Note 3 the smaller of the three could be easier to manufacturer as there are reports that Samsung are looking to include a flexible display in the Note 3 but, so far are having some manufacturing problems.

We’ve also previously heard that there would be at least four different versions with varying changes, including the type of display used, build material and the camera’s megapixel count. While it was suggested all four models would have a 5.7 inch display, it is of course possible that it is these four different models that offer different screen sizes, rather than there being 6 or more different Note 3 versions launching.

The snapshot on Zauba’s website lists several different Note 3 models but, Samsung-Updates have been able to account for most of them:

SM-N900 – base International Version of device based on Exynos SoC
SM-N9005 – international version based on Snapdragon SoC (probably Snapdragon 800)
SM-N900A – U.S. AT&T Version of Device
SM-N900T – T-Mobile Version
SM-N900V – Verizon Version
SM-N900S – Sprint Version
SM-N900R4 – Unknown, but probably another carrier variant (Rogers?), or simply test version passed to the testers
SM-N900P – Unknown, but probably another carrier variant.

Whatever Samsung do finally decide on, it shouldn’t be too long until we find out for definite as Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA in September.



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