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Thanks to the iPhone, the casual gaming market has really taken off. However, there is a whole heck of a lot more to iPhone gaming than the stale antics of a few Angry Birds and, if one looks hard enough, there are actually quite a few really great games to be had on the smartphone. In this article, we are going to talk about a few of them.

Just make sure, if any of these interest you, that your internet connection can handle it. Some of these can be quite large and might take a little while to download. You should check your Internet information and make sure your wireless can handle it.

Now that that’s out of the way, without further ado we present a short list of awesome gaming apps:

Where’s My Water? – Disney


Don’t let the cute appearance or the fact that it was developed by Disney fool you into thinking that this physics-based puzzle game is a pushover. You will spend hours trying to solve each puzzles as you attempt to guide the water through Swampy the Alligator’s bizarre and complex plumbing straight to his shower head.

Topple – ngmoco, LLC


Full of charm and packed with plenty of personality, what starts as a simple game of stacking different shaped blocks will quickly become a test of patience, judgment and how long you can go without laughing. Unlike Tetris where the object is to line up the blocks to make them disappear, these blocks stick around and you have to find a place for all of them without toppling the stack.

Cube Runner – Andy Qua

cube runner gd

Simple visuals and even simpler controls culminate in one of the most addictive games available for the iPhone. You control a ship by either tilting the phone left or right to turn left or right respectively. Your goal is to navigate around all the various cubes that lie in your path. This game even comes with downloadable level packs.

Zen Bound® – Secret Exit Ltd.

A unique and tactile experience, this game is more meditative than puzzling, but you can still expect a healthy challenge. Your goal is to wrap rope around wooden figures to ensure maximum coverage. Sounds simple enough, but the challenge lies in making the most efficient use of your rope to complete each challenge.

SpellTower – Zach Gage

This spelling game combines the word-search gameplay of scrabble with the urgency of Tetris. As you play, blocks of letters are stacked up and you must tap and drag your finger across the blocks to spell out words. There are many different game modes that will put your brain to the test. A great way to pass the time and increase your vocabulary.

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