Google Fit support comes to the Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi fitness band has proved to be very popular. The band is essentially just the the FitBit or Jawbone Up fitness bands but, at a fraction of the cost. Branded fitness bands cost upwards of £60 for the basic models, where as the Xiaomi Mi band is generally available for around £16 from third party sellers such as Amazon and it’s proved so popular that Xiaomi have now opened sales up for the UK, US and France instead of just India.


The Xiaomi Fit has proven to be popular not only because of it’s price point but, because it actually works as well and very well at that, unlike some other imitation brands. The Mi Band works with Xiaomi’s own app but, the company have now updated their Android app to bring in support for Google Fit, meaning you can check out your fitness stats with Google Fit as well. In order to share your data with Google Fit, users will need to connect their Google account to the Mi Fit app. The latest update also brings in an enhanced UI and fixes various bugs present in the previous software version.

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