HTC Flyer Snugg Square Skinny Fit case review

After trying out the Snugg Squared Skinny Fit case on my iPad 2 and really liking it, I decided I’d give the same case a try out on my slightly neglected HTC Flyer. I knew I wouldn’t use the case on my iPad as I prefer to use a portfolio case on that but, I liked the design of this case enough to want to try it on one of my other gadgets.

Apart from the obvious differences i.e. size and shape and different port/button placements, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the HTC Flyer and iPad 2 case. The case is made from the same high quality material rubberised silicon and feels great in the hand. If anything, the Flyer version feels even better, perhaps as the device is smaller so the rubbery, chunky design fits better in your hand. The case gives enough grip to make you feel more confident that you aren’t about to drop the tablet too.

I wasn’t sure whether I would like the look of this case on the HTC Flyer as I wondered whether the black, chunky design would ‘overpower’ the smaller tablet however, I was pleasantly surprised as the case just seems to ‘frame’ the Flyer and although I wouldn’t say it improves the look of the device, which is a good looking gadget to begin with, I wouldn’t say it looks bad either and I’d rather have the case on as protection than potentially damaging the device by going ‘naked’.

As with the iPad 2 case, fitting this case on the HTC Flyer was simple and once on the case moulded to the shape of the Flyer perfectly with no issues.

PROS: Looks good even though I still prefer the look of the Flyer without a case. Looks quite different that other HTC Flyer cases – stand out in the crowd time. Feels nice to hold. Made of good quality rubberised silicon.
CONS: Adds a little bulk to the Flyer, not a lot though.
CONCLUSION: I don’t use my HTC Flyer much these days, the poor thing sits there until the battery dies most of the time but, I really think that by using this case on it which not only looks great but, enhances the feel of the tablet when holding it, I might just use the device a lot more. Recommended.

Available to buy from: The Snugg

Price: £18.99

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