HTC One Blue model leaked

HTC have already released the HTC One in glamour red, as well as black and silver but, a leaked press render of the HTC One handset in a striking blue has now leaked out. Currently it’s unknown when the blue HTC One will be released or which markets. However it has been spotted on Verizon’s internal systems, so the blue version will most likely be released in the US, other countries however we won’t know until HTC officially unveil it.

There have been a few handsets in blue, including HTC’s own 8S and 8X Windows Phone. Personally while I love all things blue and have owned the 8S in blue, the shade of blue didn’t really appeal to me. The color of this HTC One handset however is very appealing and I can’t wait until we see some real world pictures of it and more to the point, until it’s officially announced by HTC.


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