iPad 1 Snugg case review

After recently reviewing one of the Zagg vinyl skins for the iPad 3, we were keen to test out a number of different cases for the newest version of the iPad. As we searched for the best cases available, we also decided to find a suitable case for our iPad 1 and iPad 2, along with our HTC Flyer. We came across some fantastic cases and we were especially impressed by the range of cases available from The Snugg which received generally positive reviews by others. As a result, we then decided to review a number of the Snugg cases to see how they stand up to the Gizmodot testing procedure!

We’re going to start our short series of case reviews with the iPad 1 Snugg Case Cover and Flip Stand case which is available in black and brown. This is a portfolio case, with a leather ‘look’ and which is slated as being more or less a perfect fit for the original iPad. This case also has the added bonus of having a stand feature.


Looks aren’t everything but, for the Snugg iPad 1 case, looks aren’t a problem anyway. Visually, the case is very smart and appears well made. The case is covered with a leather effect material and has the name Snugg ‘stamped’ into the front along with a white stitch effect on the edges of the case – inside and out. It certainly looks the part and looks a lot better than some more expensive cases. On the side of the case that covers the iPad screen on the interior, a velvet material has been used which should be gentle on the screen if the two came together. The case also comes fitted with a magnet inside the sleeve which keeps the case closed rather than ‘flapping open’ as I’ve experienced with some cases.

When it comes to fitting the iPad into the case, it’s a simple matter of unhooking the velcro on a flap and sliding the iPad into the sleeve. Once the iPad is in the sleeve part of the case, the flap is tucked under the iPad itself and the attached velcro keeps the iPad firmly in place and the iPad really does fit in snuggly with all ports and buttons well aligned and accessible and with little or no movement of the iPad once it is inside the case.

Using the stand is very simple on this case. The front cover of the case simply folds back and slides into a flap on the rear of the case. This allows the iPad to be used in 2 different positions, both of which are good useful angled positions and the iPad feels secure enough in the stand too.

PROS: Good quality material, looks smart, stand is solid and useful, magnet to keep case closed, fits well and offers good protection for the iPad.

CONS: It isn’t leather (not that it is priced like leather either), doesn’t have the hand strap that the iPad 2 case and iPad 3 case have.

CONCLUSION – I’ve been using the case for a couple of days now and I’ve found that unlike some cases, this case doesn’t feel too bulky even with the slightly thicker iPad 1 enclosed in it. I’ve also been impressed with the ease of accessing the charging/syncing port and volume buttons which aren’t hindered by this case. Using the stand has been a positive experience too, the angles that the stand sits at are great allowing ease of use.

If you are looking for a portfolio case that fits the first iPad very well and enhances the use of your iPad, whilst looking smart and relatively more expensive than the price it actually costs to buy then the Snugg iPad 1 case with flip stand could be just what you need.

Available to buy from: The Snugg

Price: £28.99

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