iPad 3 Snugg portfolio case reviewed

There isn’t a lot that we can say about the iPad 3 case from Snugg that hasn’t already been said in our iPad 2 portfolio case from Snugg review however, for those of us that have actively sought out a protective yet attractive case for our newest iPad purchase, we still want to confirm that the newest variation of the case is going to be as good as the cases produced by Snugg for the previous two releases of the Apple iPad.

As with both the original iPad and iPad 2 cases, the portfolio case for the new iPad (or iPad 3) is well made from good quality materials and boasts the same snug fitting as the other cases, something we struggled slightly to find when we were looking for an iPad 3 case, a lot of cases that came out shortly after the new iPad was released were either a little big leaving the iPad to move around in the case, or far too tight for the new iPad. The Snugg portfolio iPad 3 case fits very well with little movement of the iPad 3 once it is fitted into the case. This case has the same minor problem with accessing the volume buttons as the iPad 2 case but again, this is because of the sloping design of the iPad itself. The iPad 3 case features the same camera ‘hole’ and handstrap as the iPad 2 case and also features the magnets that allow sleep mode to be activated on the iPad. The stand feature is also still present making this case an all round easy to use case that enhances the use of the iPad. You will also find the handy stylus holder on this case, which was introduced in the iPad 2 one.

PROS: Quality, handstrap, stand, sleep mode, looks great.
CONS: Same slight issue with accessing the volume buttons as with the iPad 2 case.

CONCLUSION: The third version of the Snugg iPad portfolio case is just as good as the first two. Snugg have clearly made every effort to ensure that the case is perfect for the iPad 3 and the snug fitting proves that. I would recommend the case wholeheartedly as effective protection for the iPad 3 with features included to enhance the whole iPad experience along the way.

Available to buy from: The Snugg

Price: £29.99

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