iPhone 5 Release Event Stream and Process of Jailbreaking

iPhone 5 Live Stream Event:

With just few days left, Apple has sent tons and tons of invites to all the media people across the globe, which mainly includes considerable people from all walks of life, but journalists and media people are given top priority as they will be the catalyst to the branding of their iPhone 5 and 4s. Apple has put end to all the speculations and finally made an announcement earlier that they will be holding a press event at their Cupertino California campus about the release of most awaited iPhone 5, this will be beefed up with announcement of white 64 GB iPhone 4S, but in all honesty, this might just tint the hype of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Live Stream Event

I personally believe they should have had released iPhone 4s some time ago and not just now and should have had made the event iPhone 5 exclusive. Any way, more power to Apple as we all wait eagerly to see what Apple has cooked in their lab, the media event will be executed on 4th October conference and iPhone 5 Conference Live Streaming will be available to those who want to see the first image shots or videos of phone. The event; which will be presided by none other than Tim Cook, who is current CEO of revolutionary company Apple, will describe the product in detail and list all features and specifications in detail.

iPhone 5 Jailbreaking

There are chances that this event might not get on air at all for the reason that Apple doesn’t want general public to see the insights as of now and want to keep it exclusive to certain set of people from certain walks of life, however, no need to get disappointed as there will be tons of people making videos with their hand held devices, such as mobile phones or even notebooks and even if that doesn’t happen, we believe most of attendees will be tweeting and posting stuff on facebook, youtube and other online media and social sharing websites, therefore there is no need to worry.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

As far as hacking the phone is concerned, claims have already started to show up that iPhone 5 will be hacked pretty soon after its launched. Jailbreaking is a term, mostly associated with iPhone devices and there are communities with bunch of geeks who have promised that iPhone5Jailbreaks.org will hit pretty soon and people won’t have to wait like previously when iPhone 4 was released or iPad 2 made its appearance in the public.

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