Lastpass make changes to free accounts

Lastpass have announced today that they will soon be making changes to their free accounts. From March 16th if you have a free account on Lastpass you will only be able to use the service on one device type. This is slightly better than other app’s one device policy.

What this means is if you continue to use Lastpass’ free service you can choose to use Lastpass on computers, or mobile devices. If you choose computers, you will be able to access the service on any computers you use. While if you choose mobile devices you will be able to use the service on your mobile phone, tablet and smartwatch.

Lastpass premium normally costs $37 a year and offers other features such as dark web monitoring, emergency access and a security dashboard. For a limited time Lastpass are offering free users 25% off the premium subscription and will cost $26 a year instead.

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