Lego approve Sonic the Hedgehog ideas set

Lego Sonic the Hedgehog

Through Lego’s Ideas programs Lego fans can create and submit their own ideas for future Lego sets. We’ve seen various ideas over the years in the form of the brilliant NASA Apollo Saturn V (an amazing build), the Old Fishing Store and even licensed sets such as Steamboat Willie and The Flintstones among others. Users on the site can upvote their favourite designs and once they hit 10,000 community votes, Lego considers how possible it is to make it an official set. Needless to say, there have been numerous Sonic The Hedgehog sets shown and now one will be made into an official set.

The design by comes from 24-year-old Viv Grannell from the UK and is based on the 2017 Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone. Lego has consulted with Sega and the set has been given the go-ahead. The above image is Viv’s vision of the set but, Lego may make some small changes before it sees a worldwide release.

We’ve previously seen Sonic released as a Lego character via Lego Dimensions. A video game released for multiple gaming platforms, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360. New content and characters were released over a period of two years. We saw Sonic released as a stand-alone character with the Sonic Speedster car and Tails’ plane The Tornado to build and of course the iconic Golden Ring.

As of yet, there’s no information on release date or pricing but from the size of the set, it’s likely to fall somewhere within the £70-£150 price range. And with Sonic celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, hopefully, we will see it released sometime around June for his birthday.


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