Logitech to rebrand to simply “Logi”

Logitech has been around for many years (since 1981 in fact) and is a pretty recognisable brand. One which makes some of the best mice and keyboards around. Personally speaking when I do need (or want) to buy another mouse for my laptop, Logitech is the only brand that I look at. The company is updating it’s brand though and will begin releasing products with their new brand name of just “Logi”.


The reason behind the change is because “Tech is everywhere” according to Charlotte Johs, VP of Logitech brand development. With tech being everywhere, from the air you breathe, to the clothes you wear, tech no longer says anything. Which is true, almost every part of our lives now revolves around some sort of technology.


The company’s full Logitech name will remain as the company’s formal name for now and will still be around on current and older periphials but, if everything goes as planned, Logi will be embezled on almost everything it makes from now on. As well as the rename, the company has also updated it’s logo to make it more modern but, also more simple.

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