Momax Core Smart Case for Galaxy Note 2 reviewed

Readers of Gizmodot will know that I love to try out different cases for my various gadgets, so it will come as no surprise that after getting acquainted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I immediately set about looking into what cases were available for the phablet. When it comes to phones, recently I’ve been opting for gel cases but, with the size of the Note 2 and more specifically the screen size of the Note 2, I wanted something that would also offer protection for the screen. Samsung do their own flip case for the Note 2 and is like their S3 counterpart case but, I quickly learned that the Samsung flip case did not protect the sides of the phone.

In the end, I settled on “The Core Smart Case” by Momax. There are several different Note 2 phone cases in this style. One worry I had though with similar styled cases is that the phone is held in by plastic clips and from past experience, these types of cases can actually do more harm than good to the phone, leaving the “protected” handset scratched. With Momax’s Core Smart Case however, this isn’t the case as it is essentially a gel case with a flip front which doubles as a stand.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fits easily into the gel part of the case and offers all round protection while leaving all the ports still accessible. The case incorporates a flip front with covers the front of the phone and is kept in place by a magnetic tag. Not only does this part of the phone cover provide additional protection for the Note 2’s screen, it can be folded into a stand which is perfect for letting you watch movies on the Note 2 handsfree. The stand can be folded two ways, providing two viewing angles and either way is quick and simple to do. Once you’ve finished, it is also easy to make the front flat again to cover the screen.

The Momax Core Smart Case is available in black or brown with a brown gel back. It is also available in red or blue, with a white gel back. As well as the case, Momax include a screen protector for the Note 2 which fits easily, as well as a microfiber cloth. The case retails for £21.95 through MobileFun. Overall I am enjoying the case a lot, it provides all the protection I need and actually makes the handset easier to hold and makes me less worried about dropping the phone. There is only one issue I’ve had with the case and that is the S-Pen doesn’t function properly if the magnets of the case are near it, e.g. when the case is folded over whilst in use, this affects the S-Pen magnets so I need to adjust the case when using the S-Pen.

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