Netflix begins testing ads

You would think that a subscription based service such as Netflix would be ad free but, much like some blu-rays and DVDs and video tapes past, Netflix is looking at introducing ads – or rather trailers for their own series of exclusive programs. The ads are being displayed before a stream starts and at the end. As it stands at the moment, Netflix are only promoting their own content, eg Orange is The New Black and House of Cards, rather than third party adverts.


Fortunately for now, the test base is rather small and is only affecting users who access the Netflix service through an Xbox 360 console and only in selected markets. I hope that Netflix find through this test that ads are not needed and it seems a lot of other Netflix users are upset about this news. What may happen though is it could open up a new pricing structure if ads to get the go ahead on the service and hopefully those who are happy to view trailers before and after will see a small price reduction.


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