Netflix will not be showing third party ads

Yesterday we reported that Netflix were testing ads on their video streaming service. As stated yesterday the ads are more like trailers as they are only promoting Netflix’s own shows. It did however lead many to wonder if this meant that Netflix could introduce ads from third parties. This fortunately won’t be the case. A spokesman for Netflix, Cliff Edwards, has denied that third party ads will arrive on the platform. Edwards went on to explain that they were not planning to test, let alone implent adverts from third parties and that Netflix original shows have already been shown at the end of shows but, what the company is testing now, is showing these trailers at the beginning of a show.


CEO Reed Hastings also posted on his Facebook page that the “ads” are just cool and relevant trailers for other content on Netflix that you’ll hopefully love – “No advertising coming onto Netflix. Period. Just adding relevant cool trailers for other Netflix content you are likely to love.” It’s great that this has been cleared up and any speculation about third party ads can be put to bed.

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