New iPod range announced

Apple have once again updated their iPod range. The iPod Touch has been updated, along with the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano and all will be available from September 10 onwards. This will be the fourth gen edition of the iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle, where as the iPad Nano is now in it’s sixth generation.

The iPod Touch now has a front facing and rear camera. The FaceTime app has also been added, which has received much publicity from being on the iPhone, as well as being featured in many TV commercials. While the iPod Touch doesn’t have cell phone capabilities, you will be able to make video calls with the MP3 Player over WiFi. This is made possible with the built in microphone Apple have added.

HD video recording has also been made possible with the use of the rear camera on the device. You will not only be able to record your videos but, edit and share them without having to transfer them to your computer.

The 4th gen iPod Touch also features the A4 processor, as used in the iPhone 4, which will make gaming even more enjoyable. To top it off, Apple have also added a retina display onto the device, making the gap between the iPhone and iPod Touch even less, as the only features that the iPod Touch isn’t capable of doing, is making phone calls, sending texts and other features requiring a cellular connection, it also lacks inbuilt GPS. Despite having more features based on build features, it is thinner and lighter than the current iPod Touch. Pricing in the UK is £189 for the 8GB, £249 for the 32GB and £329 for the 64GB model. Interestingly a 16GB model has been omitted for the line up, forcing users who need more than 8GB to pay the extra for the 32GB, even if all that space isn’t needed.

The iPod Shuffle brings back the “clickable ring” which we saw on the 2nd gen iPod Shuffle but, also includes the VoiceOver technology which was found in the 3rd gen Shuffle. VoiceOver allows you to click a button and you can then hear the song’s title and artist, the battery status, or the playlist menu. Genius Mixes will now be supported as well for the first time. Available in 2GB, the new iPod Shuffle will retail for £39 and is available in a choice of five colors, silver, blue, green, orange or pink.

The new iPod Nano, which marks the 6th generation for the device, is smaller than it’s ever been before. The iPod Nano now resembles the size of the iPod Shuffle, while the display is much like the iPod Touch. Like it’s big brother, the Nano will also feature multi touch support, which replaces the scroll wheel we grew accustomed to. Because of the new size of the iPod Nano, which measures an inch and a half square and 0.35mm thick, it has sacrificed the camera which was present on the 5th gen Nano. The screen measures 1.5 inches diagonally and features iPhone like icons for the various functions. There are four icons on each screen, meaning the menu is spread across several pages. There are dedicated app buttons for music playback, Genius Mixes, audiobooks, artists, playlists, podcasts, photos, radio, clock, settings and Nike+.

You will be able to pick an 8GB iPod Nano up for £129, or £159 for the 16GB model. Both versions are available in six colors, silver, graphite, blue, green, orange or pink.

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    Sep 03. 2010

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