Nexus 7 case makes use of magnetic sleep sensor

Last week we found out that the Nexus 7 had a hidden magnetic sleep sensor. Something which wasn’t publicized by Google but, has been confirmed to be a feature by several sources. MobileFun have uploaded a video showing off one of their Nexus 7 cases and in it we see the case make use of the magnetic sensor in the Google tablet.

As we saw in the previous video, the sleep magnet works in a similar way to the magnets found in the iPad and Apple Smart Covers, as well as third party cases. The Nexus 7 works in the same way except with maybe one advantage. The iPad’s sensors are found on the right hand side, so if you accidentally move the case slightly the screen could come on, possibly stay on and drain battery. Where as with the Nexus 7, the sensor is the other side and the case needs to be opened fully for the Nexus 7 to switch back on. You will however still need to lock the screen but, as the video from MobileFun points out, if you need to put your Nexus 7 tablet away quickly, all you need to do is close the case. Whatever you were doing is saved and it turns the screen off.

It’s unclear as to how many cases support the magnetic feature of the Nexus 7 but, the number is sure to grow. It will interesting to see if Apple step in as it has been a unique feature found on their iPads.

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