Nexus 7 Snugg case review

Recently I managed to get myself acquainted with one of the exciting Asus Google Nexus 7 tablets and one of the first things I do when I get a new gadget is immediately look for a case for it (along with a screen protector). I’m a big fan of The Snugg cases for the Apple iPad and was pleased to see that the company also had a portfolio case for the 7 inch Nexus tablet and have been fortunate enough to have the chance to review the case.

From experience, I know that Snugg make excellent cases for the 10 inch iPad and I was hoping that they could also pull it off with a 7 inch tablet. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. All of the features that I loved on the iPad case are also present on the Nexus 7 case.

The Nexus 7 tablet fits snugly in the case and makes the company’s name very apt. There is no movement once the Nexus is in and the device is secured within the case by a velcro flap. Viewing of the screen is not hindered or hidden slightly by the case, which is an issue I’ve found with some cases in the past. There is a hole at the top for the front facing camera and proximity sensor. On the velcro flap, there is also a small hole to accommodate the Nexus 7’s microphone.

The power button and volume buttons on the Nexus 7 aren’t as easy to access once in the case but, after a few days of using the case I found that this isn’t a huge problem. At the bottom of the case Snugg have made the headphone socket easily accessible and there is a stylus holder. My only issue with the case is the location of the stylus holder as it covers the micro USB/charging port so I haven’t actually been able to keep a stylus in the case. The stylus holder ‘flap’ itself also needs moving out the way when  attempting to charge the Nexus 7 and I have found that it does need pulling back quite hard, otherwise the charger won’t go in. It isn’t impossible though and is only a small hindrance. I do like the idea of the stylus holder covering and protecting the charger port from dust though. It also wouldn’t be too difficult to remove a stylus when the tablet does need charging but, as I don’t use the stylus that much on the Nexus, I haven’t put the stylus back in the holder.

The Snugg Nexus 7 case also features a hand strap which I was a little dubious at using to start with as it’s smaller than the hand strap on the iPad, due to the tablets size. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find my hand fitted comfortably in the strap and use it most of the time now. The inside of the strap and case is made from a soft nu-buck material so it’s not harsh on the screen, it’s also pleasant to hold when using the Nexus 7.

As well as protecting the Nexus 7 tablet, the case doubles as a stand and has two viewing angles. It is easy to put the case into “stand” mode and the case is stable in whichever viewing angle you choose which is great as I’ve used a few cases which offered two viewing angles but, were only really secure for one of them, leaving the device in question in danger of toppling over. The Snugg case also makes use of the magnetic sensor in the Nexus 7 and opening the case turns the Nexus 7 tablet on from sleep, likewise closing the case, turns the screen off on the tablet.


As with other products from Snugg, I would completely recommend this case for the Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet. The case offers excellent protection and features that enhance the use of the tablet whilst also enhancing the look of the tablet due to the smart design and quality of the material of the case.

Price: £24.99

Available to buy from: The Snugg

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