Nokia Mobiles, Its Prices and Legacy 2011

Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan and World 2011

Nokia has been an industry leader in mobile phones for over a decade but its recent financials for the 2nd quarter of 2011 have been very disappointing. Nokia’s overall performance has been poor but it hasn’t seen much devaluation in the Pakistani market. Also, the Prices of Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan 2011 has been pretty normal for low end mobiles, they finally started giving competition to other dual sim vendors by launching cheaper dual sim phones.

Is Nokia Losing the Legacy?

Nokia however is now looking a little week to compete with Samsung in the current market scenario. There are a number of reason as to why this has happened. The first and foremost is the late realization by Nokia of the importance of dual sim mobile phones. As other major brands followed Chinese mobiles to introduce the dual sim feature, Nokia remained ignorant of the fact until lately. Its huge fan base did boost the sales of these phones but many loyal customers also migrated to other brands. Secondly Nokia is still acting stubborn by not letting Symbian go. Symbian, as an OS is nearly dead and we can safely say that the killer is Android. With Samsung’s intelligent move of introducing low cost android phones in the market, many users are moving towards these phones.

Nokia in trouble on All Fronts!

Nokia is at battle on all fronts. Its fighting against Apple and Samsung in the high end phones and clearly loosing the battle. In budget or mid range phones, Nokia faces tough competition from Samsung and even some low cost HTC phones. In the low range phones, Nokia is fighting against Chinese phones.

According to Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, Nokia will regain its market share after it launches N9 and Sea Ray but according to some analysts, Nokia is a bit late for that move too.

A Humble Recommendation!

As a personal remark for our readers, even though, according to mobile prices in Pakistan for 2011 are very competitive, but still i will like to mention that if you are looking for good phones between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000, better go for an Android phone rather than one having Java or Symbian OS.

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