O2 confirm no iPhone 5S in it’s stores on launch day

Those hoping to get their hands on Apple’s latest flagship device are likely to be left disappointed, or at least a good portion of potential buyers will be. Normally Apple allow their handsets to be pre-ordered but, not with the iPhone 5S. Apple announced two new iPhones for the first time ever, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C has been available to pre-order from last Friday but, those hoping to get their hands on the high end handset were not able to do so, instead they will have go to an Apple store, a phone store or order online. It’s rumored that this is due to low stock levels of the iPhone 5S.

Hopefully you weren’t thinking of picking one up in store at O2. The UK network have advised customers that they will be able to order the iPhone 5S online from tomorrow, or through a telephone order but, none of their O2 stores across the UK will actually have the latest must have handset in stock. Seems those low stock rumors could be true. No other retailers have made such an announcement so it may be possible to pick one up tomorrow without having to order online, or waiting in line at an Apple store.

There doesn’t appear to be a stock issue for the iPhone 5C though. It has been available to pre-order since Friday 13th, not just through the Apple website but on contract through various retailers as well, including O2. Whether you’re going to try and pick up an iPhone 5S tomorrow, or plan on getting the iPhone 5C, don’t forget to order an in car lightning cable charger.

If you’re not picking an iPhone up this weekend but, would like one, you could always enter a competition to win an iPhone 5C. Currently MobileFun have a competition running where you can win an iPhone 5C and you can rack up more entries by following them on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook and sharing the competition.

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