Official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out for a few weeks in the UK now and quite a few Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories have already been released, with more on the way including protective cases.

With the S3, Samsung have released quite a few official accessories for the handset already, including the flip case available in Marble white and Chrome Blue to match the colours of their flagship handset. We’ve received the Marble White version to match our white S3, although from various pictures we’ve seen prior to acquiring the case, the contrasting colours of the white phone and blue case looked equally as smashing.

As it is an official Samsung product, it is a quality case. Instead of clipping onto the back of the phone and protecting the rear and front of the phone, the Samsung S3 flip case replaces the back plate of the phone. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this to start with but, the back of the case offers sturdy protection and is just as hard, if not more so than the original back plate. Because it does replace the back cover instead of attaching to it, the case adds minimal bulk, with only a few millimetres difference between a case-less phone and one protected with this case and those few millimetres comes from the front of the case.

The front cover/flap is hard which will protect against light knocks and bumps and has a texturized finish. The inside of the front cover features a soft microfibre like material to protect the screen from scratches.

PROS: Adds very little bulk if any and looks very stylish and professional.

CONS: While it looks very smart, the texturized finish on the front isn’t too my liking. The volume buttons also aren’t accessible while the flip case is closed but, with a little practise, it is possible to locate the volume buttons underneath the material and use them making it possible to control volume with the case closed even if it isn’t a perfect solution.

CONCLUSION: A great case that not only protects the Samsung Galaxy S3 but, looks good whilst doing so.

Available to buy from: MobileFun in Marble White, Chrome Blue, Light Blue, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Pink and Mint.
Price: £29.95

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