Pictures of budget iPhone 5C leak

There are rumors circulating that when Apple announce their next generation iPhone which is likely to carry the moniker of iPhone 5S, they will also announce a low cost budget version. Currently the most likely name for the budget version iPhone is the iPhone 5C. Clear images of the iPhone 5C have now leaked out and give a real good look at what a budget version of the iPhone will look like. The images we have right now are of the iPhone 5C in white but, it’s rumored that the iPhone 5C will be available in a range of colors, much like Apple’s fifth generation iPod Touch.

Rumors suggest that Apple will announce both the iPhone 5C along with the big handset, the iPhone 5S September 18th, with the launch of the handsets being September 27th. Currently most Android manufacturers release a flagship handset to rival the current iPhone available but, they also release cheaper handsets with lower specs so that everyone can own a smartphone. Apple on the other hand, up until now have only released one handset every year and with a high price tag. Depending on the pricing of the iPhone 5C, it could mean even more people turn to Apple, without having to pay such a high price.

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