Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unboxing

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note phablet has gone on sale in the UK and we take a little look at the 5.7 inch display handset. The Note 3 follows in the steps of the popular Note 2. The Note 3 features a slightly larger display, measuring 5.7″ over the Note 2’s 5.5″ display but, the chassis is for the most part smaller than the Note 2, only the height is increased by a mere 0.2mm.


Overall I’m very impressed with the Note 3 so far. The Note 3 uses a microsim and the microSD card slot is placed directly above the sim card which is an interesting design, although slightly confusing at first. Take a look at our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unboxing photos before which show off the phone and accessories received in the UK box.

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