Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives in four more nature inspired colors

Samsung shook things up a little bit when they released their latest flagship phones. Pretty much every handset is available in black as standard and quite a lot also come in white and secondary colors are, well secondary. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung released the handset in Pebble Blue and Marble White and omitted a black version. This is set to change though as Samsung have announced that they will be releasing the popular Android smartphone in another four colors, again all inspired by nature.

Samsung have unveiled that the S3 will also be available in Sapphire Black, Titanium Grey, Amber Brown and Garnet Red. From the press photos, the Amber Brown and Garnet Red feature the same effect on the back panel of the phone as the currently available Marble White and Pebble Blue, while the black and grey models appear to be a solid color.

Not all colors will be available in all markets unfortunately though but, for the most part it should offer consumers one more color choice when choosing their Samsung Galaxy S3. Having the handset available in blue and white only doesn’t seem to have affected sales though as the South Korean company has surpassed 20 million sales since it’s release on May 29th.

Do you prefer Samsung’s new S3 colors, or the original blue and white options? It has to be the Pebble Blue version for myself.

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