Snugg iPad keyboard reviewed

We’ve reviewed iPad cases previously and we were lucky enough to come across Snugg cases that we liked and so we’re going to be reviewing another two of their cases this time around. First up will be the Snugg keyboard case, followed by a review of one of the cases in Snugg’s new colour range.

I’m going to begin by pointing out that I’m constantly on the look out for the best cases to fit my devices. Even when I find my ‘perfect case’ I still continue my search for something even better. A little while back, I found the original Snugg case for my iPad and on trying it out, it quickly became one of those ‘perfect cases’. Move on a few months though and I’m totally ready for a change and I’ve been looking at keyboard cases recently and after reviewing the Freedom keyboard for the iPad recently, I figured I should give the Snugg keyboard case a try out too as I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their products.

After viewing the Snugg keyboard case on their website, I thought that it looked high quality and well made. First impressions of the case weren’t bad but, I was a little disappointed by the overall finish of the case at first glance. It certainly looks a lot more ‘plasticky’ in reality than it did online. Build quality just isn’t as high as I expected or than I’ve experienced with other Snugg products with a few edges, including the edges where the iPad is supposed to ‘rest against’ being a little sharp. The build quality isn’t bad but, just not as good as I’d hoped/expected.

The keyboard itself feels nice to use with good resistance on the keys however, it does take a little getting used to if you want to type without constantly having to go back and edit what you just wrote as many key strokes aren’t recognised until you get used to the keyboard.

One of the most interesting features of the case for me was that the iPad is supposed to ‘sit’ inside the case, against the keyboard when not in use, creating a ‘case’ that protects the screen. I was using an iPad 3 and I couldn’t get the iPad to fit into the case at all. I’m not sure if this was designed with an iPad 2 in mind but, the particular case I reviewed wasn’t the right fit for the iPad 3 (aka new iPad).

CONCLUSION: I couldn’t use this as an actual case for my iPad 3 as the device wouldn’t actually fit into the case. I was disappointed with the build quality of the overall case however, the keyboard itself wasn’t too bad, once I’d gotten used to it. The outcome being that I would use this and recommend it as a separate keyboard but, as a ‘keyboard case’ I probably wouldn’t recommend this product.


Product Page: Snugg iPad 3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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