Snugg Kindle 4 Case Review

A short time ago we reviewed the rather impressive iPad and HTC Flyer cases made by Snugg. We were so impressed that when we were offered the chance to review two further products from Snugg, we jumped at the chance.

snugg kindle case

The first review is that of the Snugg Kindle 4 case, a device I’ve had for a few months now and that I’ve struggled to find the perfect case for. Recently I purchased a cheap case for my kindle that turned out to be the closest to perfect of the several cases I’d tried. This cheapo case cost me a measly £2.50 and design wise was what I’d been looking for – a ‘leather look’ portfolio case that didn’t cover the buttons and didn’t ‘overpower’ the kindle, as some cases did, they were just too bulky and ugly. My main issue with my cheapo case was that within days, the leather look plastic covering was peeling away from the body of the case. I realised that in order to have this particular case, with the design features I wanted, I was going to have to spend a fortune replacing it regularly. Then the Snugg case was brought to my attention.snugg kindle cover

From the experience I had with the iPad cases from Snugg, I knew what to expect quality wise. The outer material of the case looks like real leather and is in fact made from black PU leather, the stitching on the cover is precise and enhances the look of the case and the Kindle 4 fits perfectly into the case, nice and ‘snuggly’. None of the buttons are covered or hindered by the case, nor is the charging port. I’m very impressed with the look and feel of the Snugg Kindle cover.

This Kindle case also features a hand strap which makes using the Kindle a joy, being able to use the strap to secure the case and therefore the device to your hand is such a positive experience and the strap itself feels secure and comfortable, helped by the velvety nubuck  interior of the Snugg case which also seems to keep the kindle itself clean and dust free. This particular case also has the ability to be turned into a stand for the Kindle, in much the same way as the iPad version of the case. I personally didn’t think I would use this feature however, the stand is superb if you turn the viewing on the Kindle to landscape view and is most definitely a notable feature on the Snugg cover. This case uses an elastic strap to keep the case securely closed which I’ve found that I prefer over the magnetic button on my previous case as it makes the cover less bulky and just looks better.


Overall, I think I’ve found the perfect case for my Kindle 4 – looks great, isn’t bulky and cumbersome, the hand strap is comfortable and enhances the use of the Kindle and the Snugg case is going to last well too, it is of a high enough quality that I can imagine still using the case in years to come and it still looking as good as new. For the price of this cover, I’d recommend it to Kindle 4 users wholeheartedly.

Price: £24.99
Product Page: Snugg Amazon Kindle 4 Black Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand

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