Snugg Squared Skinny Fit iPad 2 case reviewed

Ipad 2 cases come in various shapes and sizes although, most are iPad 2 shaped and sized but, I’m sure you get my gist! There is such a wide choice of case style, price range, material and quality that the task of finding the perfect case can be daunting. As official gadget case addicts, we’ve found ourselves reviewing a number of cases for iPads of late and during those reviews we came across a gem of a case by Snugg which honestly, isn’t the type of case I expected to like.

The  Squared Skinny Fit protective iPad 2 case by Snugg came to me in a clear plastic bag. It looked like a lumpy piece of black rubber, sort of resembling the left overs from the manufacturing of a tyre. I wasn’t overly impressed to be fair. Then I opened the packaging and realised how wrong I’d been to write off the case on first impressions (and whilst it was still wrapped in plastic – shame on me). The case is black, it is rubbery and I still think it looks a bit like a tyre but, it feels fantastic and the quality of the material it is made from is evident as soon as you touch it. The blocky design isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste but, given a chance it really does grow on you – it’s a little funky. The case also has the Snugg logo written across the back of it in red which looks fab. I’ve also seen the same case pictured online with a black Snugg logo however which I’m sure is just as nice but, the red logo and the chunky, quality design really sets the case apart from the cheap looking silicon cases available for the iPad.

On fitting the case onto the iPad 2 I was impressed. The case fits snuggly (pun intended) and precisely even though I was a little worried as it is also one of the easiest rubber/silicon cases I’ve come across because it seemed a little big/loose for the iPad and just slips on. However, once fitted, the case simply moulds to the shape of the iPad perfectly.

The ports are all accessible using this case on the iPad 2 and in the hand the case feels comfortable and grippy and certainly enhances use of the iPad.

PROS: Well made, good quality. Looks ‘funky’ and offers decent protection for the iPad 2.
CONS: Still reminds me of a tyre  but, I’ll just roll with it. Seriously – can’t think of any real ‘cons’.

CONCLUSION: If you are looking for a rubber/silicon iPad 2 case and prefer not to pay peanuts on eBay for a case that looks as if it was constructed by monkeys that you don’t want to put on your precious iPad then, the Squared Skinny Fit protective case by Snugg could be the answer for you. It looks good, different but, good and it feels nice to hold. I would imagine the case would last well too, the quality of the material used seems very solid. I would definitely recommend the case.

Available to buy from: The Snugg for iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Price: £18.99

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