Some PS5 owners are experiencing drifting issues with Dualsense controller

Sometimes controllers stop working as they should, normally after quite a lot of use. The Nintendo Switch has suffered drifting issues on their Joy-con controllers. Unfortunately, some Switch Lite owners have also experienced this drifting issue as well and now PS5 owners are experiencing the same problem.

Despite the Sony PlayStation 5 only being released a couple of months ago some users are reporting that their PS5 Dualsense controllers also suffering from the dreaded drifting issue. In fact, one Reddit user began experiencing this issue just 10 days after getting their next-gen console.

With the PS5 still being very hard to get a hold of, it’s unclear how widespread an issue this will be, whether it’s a small batch that is affected or a much larger issue. Sony will fix this problem under warranty but it’s reported that users will have to pay to have their controller shipped to Sony.

The problem has gotten the attention of a US law firm who are investing the drift issue and asking respondents when they first experienced the issue and whether they’ve had any help from Sony. Depending on how this goes, they may proceed to start a class-action lawsuit against Sony.

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