Sonic Dashes onto iOS in Temple Run like game

Just a couple of days ago Sega announced that they would be releasing a new Sonic game onto iOS devices. While their previous effort Sonic Jump mimicked the popular mobile game Doodle Jump, the latest game featuring Sega’s fast blue hedgehog is Sonic Dash. The game resembles Temple Run, Pitfall by using the same sort of instructions and goals.

In Sonic Dash it is of course rings you are collecting and you need to move out of the way of obstacles. This can either be done by flicking left or right, instead of tilting as found in Temple Run (there are also no corners to navigate around) to avoid pillars and enemies. Instead of sliding, by swiping down Sonic will perform a spin dash to “slide” underneath obstacles or attack enemies. There’s also a fair bit of jumping over obstacles and gaps to be done in the game.

The aim of the game of course, is to get as far as you can without dying. Every now and then you jump in the air to bank the rings you’ve collected and like other Sonic games, if you run into an enemy while carrying rings, you will lose them but, can continue dashing. Running into walls or pillars however, causes you to die. It is possible to revive Sonic and continue where you left of without starting a fresh with is done with Special Rings which you’re given for completing various missions, such as collecting x amount of rings.

The game is available to download now for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for £1.49/$1.99/€1.79 from the App Store and of course there are in app purchases possible which can unlock new abilities as well as Tails, Amy and Knuckles. At the moment there’s no word on whether Sega will release the game onto Android but, Sonic Jump was initially an iOS only game before making its way onto Android so it’s quite likely that Sega will port it over to Android at some point but, nothing is confirmed right now.

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